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Understanding the true meaning of your brand’s existence is what Codolin does. We are a Branding Agency that sees your value and paint it with creative expression.

Building successful brands.

Build ground breaking blueprint

Branding is not just a page of ideas. It is innovation, communication, and strategy. Our creative team defines your brand with purpose, intention, and awareness. After which, comes a planned approach towards successful strategies.

Your vision and thoughts will be connected with your audience. Because we will become the catalyst. It is more of a cohesive strategy to a consistent narrative that, over time, can change how people perceive your brand.

By investing in the branding process, a company will:
Communicate its unique place among competitors, Build brand loyalty, Set the value for itself and the product.

Logo & Stationery Designing

typographic logos, character logos, visiting cards, letterheads, envelops

Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Menus

singles, bi-fold, tri-fold

How it works

We follow four steps to turn you into a brand that everybody craves for.

  • Our latest Project


    DBH is a determined, balanced, and honorable holding company for the KT Family Group's financial services businesses. KT Group's companies have a significant presence across Preserving, Managing, and Financing products. With thousands of workers and various branches, intermediaries, and bank partners, the subsidiaries of have a countrywide reach.

  • I3 Lending

    As a front runner in the financial industry, i3 Lending is a leading provider of mortgage services. With a large network of lenders, it is able to offer its clients the most competitive rates on the market, unique loan programs, and specialty products.

    I3 Lending
  • Satatki

     Project SatatKi's sole purpose is to help a rising number of independent fashion designers create a stronger and more sustainable business by providing the support that is required along every step of the way.


    Satat: Hindi; Sustainability 

    Ki: Japanese; Spirit

    Together, it is SatatKi: The Sustainable Spirit

  • Shanti Timber Co

    With over 30 years of experience in the field of the wood industry and formwork, Shanti Timber Co has worked on countless projects with contractors and homeowners on commercial and residential constructions. Shanti Timber Co makes sure that we provide the best kind of wood for their needs.

    Shanti Timber Co
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